Ad Scopum, Germany


What Ad Scopum do:

Ad Scopum is dedicated to helping clients to develop customer centric organizations by gaining and applying customer insights. This includes to establish powerful listing capabilities, to assign clear accountabilities for the customer experience, and to effectively lead and manage continuous improvement.

The set of services encompasses closely interconnected areas:

  • Contact Optimization Programs applying the “Best Service is No Service” principles outlined in LimeBridge colleagues Bill Price’s and David Jaffe’s book.
  • Voice of Customer Programs implementing our WOCAS® process and hosted solution including a rigor Top Issue Management Process to address the experience issues that matter most to customers.
  • Loyalty Management Programs that focus on customer advocacy and customer effort to grow a loyal customer base as  the most important asset for the company.
  • Corporate Language enabling customer focused and easy to understand communications that reflects the brand values and corporate style.
  • Training and Leadership Programs that support all staff and management to successfully apply customer centricity in their daily business practices and communication.

Who Adscopum have worked with:

1&1, AOK, eBay, E.ON, Haufe Lexware, Microsoft, Vodafone NL

Contact Adscopum:

Ad Scopum GmbH
Technologiepark 9
33100 Paderborn
t: +49 5251 184 7000

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