LB 1 – Lopez Island, October 13th, 2002

As the first meeting, we went to meet Bill’s Driva team in Seattle and then up to Bill’s “log cabin” on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands. After the formation meetings between Peter, Bill and Taniguchi in London and Palo Alto, this was the first time various of Peter & Bill’s alumni met up and the purpose and ethos of LimeBridge was set up. Luckily we’re not superstitious as it was Friday 13th October!

Bill presenting to the Seattle meeting of Driva and LImeBridge members
Bill introduces LimeBridge to Driva








Seattle coffee








The San Juan ferries – “where’s MD gone?”
Bill’s “log cabin”















Working session








Formal team shot on Saturday evening








1- 2 – 3 push! Informal team shot








The sunset over the San Juan Islands from the window








Signatures on the verandah









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